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Let me update you on what's new
 at Susan's Sumptuous Soaps! 


My Deodorant Mist contains two simple ingredients: Coconut oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils. The coconut oil is a very light oil that can moisturize your skin without feeling greasy. The fragrance consists of an essential oil blend designed to not only refresh, but provide antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties to fight the source of the odor – not just mask it. It is gentle enough for your most sensitive areas.


Your handmade soap will last much longer if you let it dry between uses. This wonderful wooden soap dish is all natural, unfinished cedar, designed to allow your soap to drain and dry. It has been sanded well and is as smooth as a baby’s skin. Cedar is naturally rot resistant, making it an excellent choice for a soap dish.  It has been made with love by elves in the northern woods of Minnesota!


I have a new addition to my product line:  Cozy Candles from Susan's Sumptuous Soaps are made with 100% soy wax and are generously scented with high quality, intoxicating fragrance oils.  They contain no added colorants or chemicals.  The containers are 16 ounce glass jars which have been decorated with translucent mixed media designs.
When I made my first soy wax candle, the fragrance was incredible. It permeated the kitchen and spread to the dining and living rooms. I couldn’t stop sniffing! From that moment on, I knew I couldn’t go back to candles from the big-box stores.


For every new customer you refer, I will e-mail you a coupon for one full-sized bar of Susan’s Sumptuous Soaps! You will be able to redeem your coupon at Grandma’s Attic Antique Mall in Bemidji, Minnesota or directly from me (shipping charges, if applicable, will apply). When you refer someone, simply give me the name of the referral and I will e-mail you a coupon when your referral places an order! It’s a Win/Win/Win!!!


Just so you know, I LOVE special order and customization requests!  I can customize something for you, or put together any kind of Sumptuous Soap gift(s).  If you tell me how much you'd like to spend on a gift package, I will make some suggestions for you!  You don't have to pay a lot for a thoughtful little gift!

Easy Ordering

You're busy and your time is valuable.  There are many ways in which you can purchase my soap and other spa products.  Your order is only a phone call, e-mail, or fax away!  Pick the method that works best for you!

Purchase from local retailers:

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA: Susan's Sumptuous Soaps are available in Bemidji, Minnesota at Grandma's Attic Antique Mall, 502 Third Street NW (the Ink Spot building). Their phone number is (218) 759-8931. There's a pretty good selection of Sumptuous Soaps there, but I would also be delighted to make custom orders available there for you at your request! Their hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lots of treasures to see there, and new finds are always coming in!

Purchase directly from me via e-mail:

Send me an e-mail telling me what you'd like to order and I can send your order to you with an Invoice. You can mail your payment to me upon your receipt, or you can pay from an Invoice through PayPal after you order.


​Purchase directly from me via telephone:

If the phone works best for you, give me a call and let me know what you'd like to order. If I'm not available when you call, I'll get back to you promptly.

Call me at 218-854-7285

Purchase by using the "Buy Now" buttons on this website and paying through PayPal:

You can add your items to your shopping cart. When you are finished, you will be able to finalize your purchase through PayPal at their website. It's easy and secure. If you have any questions about using PayPal, just let me know. There are no fees charged to you for using PayPal; fees are only charged to sellers.

Purchase through my Etsy shop:

​Following is a link to my Etsy shop. It is easy and secure to purchase through Etsy. If you have any questions about purchasing through Etsy, let me know. There are no fees charged to you for purchasing through Etsy; fees are only charged to sellers.


Thank you for your interest in Susan's Sumptuous Soaps!

I appreciate your business!


Susan Stillwell ~ Soap Connoisseur
Susan's Sumptuous Soaps
E-Mail:  SumptuousSoaps@gmail.com
or WoollyAcres@PaulBunyan.net
14795 - 428th Street, Laporte, MN 56461-4280
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