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How would you like to design your own loaf of soap?  Now is your chance!  Pick your type of soap and additives!  $40.

This will be a 3# loaf of cold process soap – weighing approximately 48 ounces after it is poured. My loaves yield tall soaps and measure 10.5” long x 2.25” wide x 3.5” high. I cut my bars into nine 1” slices and there is room for sample or travel soaps from the remaining ½” in the loaf. You can cut your bars into any size you like – a different bath size, or guest sized, or even for special favors for weddings, showers or parties. How about a spa party?! 

Here’s how it works:

FIRST – Pick your soap type. You can choose from Goat’s Milk Soap with Silk or Coconut Milk Soap with Avocado & Shea Butter (see my other listings for more specific information on each of those).

SECOND – Choose your additives:

~ FRAGRANCE: Choose any fragrance from my complete line (http://www.susanssumptuoussoaps.com/fragrances.html), or 1-3 essential oils (see below), or no fragrance at all.

~ CLAY: If you would like clay added to your soap, choose from Kaolin Clay, French Pink Clay, Activated Charcoal Clay, Rhassoul Clay or Bentonite Clay; then choose solid or swirled.

~ COLORANTS: I will coordinate the natural and/or cosmetic based colorants with the fragrance and other additives chosen by you, unless you specifically request otherwise.

~ EXFOLIANTS: If you would like an exfoliant, choose from Colloidal Oats, Scrubby Oats, or Pumice.

THIRD – Choose whether you want your soap loaf cut by me or if you’d prefer to cut it yourself (allowing you the opportunity to further customize the soap by making each bar the size you desire). Note: Regardless of who cuts the soap, the bars cannot be individually wrapped until it is done curing.

FOURTH – I will make your soap loaf and ship it to you after it has dried for several days. The soap will need additional cure time at your home. It generally takes 4 weeks to cure. The longer it cures, the longer it will last in the shower. I recommend that you cut your loaf into bars with a kitchen knife as soon as you receive it. Then allow the bars to dry by spacing them apart to allow for air circulation, and place them in an area away from sunlight and humidity. To test your soap and see if it is “done” curing, squeeze the center of a bar. If there is any “give” to it, it needs more curing time. It will be safe for you to use at any time, but a bar will last longer in the shower with a longer cure time.

OPTIONAL: If you prefer, I can make your soap and send it to you wrapped after the full cure time. In that event, I’d send you pictures of your loaf after it is poured and the bars after they are cut.

ESSENTIAL OIL CHOICES: You can choose 1 essential oil or a blend of up to 3 essential oils. (I’m not responsible for whether or not you like your personalized EO blend.) The EO choices:

Cinnamon Leaf
Cinnamon Stick
Clove Leaf
Fir Needle
Lavender – French 
Lavender – Hungarian 
Litsea Cubeba
Orange Peel
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang

I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have! Thank you for your interest in my Sumptuous Soaps.