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What kind of soap
is right for you?

Few things in this life are more luxurious – and affordable – than handmade soap. One of the reasons is that glycerine, a natural moisturizing agent and conditioner (a by-product of the soap making process), is retained in handmade soap. In commercial soap, all of the glycerine is removed and sold as a valuable commodity to the cosmetic industry, which in turn resells it to you in the form of beauty lotions and other products at a higher price. Soap without glycerine dries your skin.  

Commercial soaps (commonly called beauty, deodorant or moisturizing bars), dry out skin and leave unhealthy chemical residues. They contain chemicals, petroleum products (irritating to people with sensitive skin), esters (known carcinogenics), alcohols (which dry your skin), low grade oils, waxes, fillers, detergents and preservatives. Your skin absorbs those chemicals. There is a reason it is so cheap! My soaps contain no harmful chemicals and detergents. 

Did you know that, if you use a commercial skin-cleansing product, chances are it consists primarily of animal fat? Animal fat is used because it is cheap and plentiful. Dermatologists frequently recommend Ivory and Dove as gentle cleansers, yet they are both made with animal fat – which clogs pores, causes blackheads, contributes to acne, provides a breeding ground for bacteria, and aggravates certain skin conditions! I use high quality oils for their benefits to skin. They are more expensive, but the resulting soap is superior in texture, moisturizing properties, and cleaning ability, and the lather is rich and luxurious.  

Handmade soaps provide a healthier, more natural alternative for skin health. That said, all handmade soaps are not the same. I love creating my own recipes with ingredients that are good for our bodies, and are formulated to achieve a luxurious balance of cleansing, conditioning, bubbles and creamy lather. I love to find and/or blend fragrances that are absolutely intoxicating. Top of the line fragrance and essential oils are crucial. It's fun to use my creativity and artisanal flair as I design and make each loaf of soap with love. My soap isn’t ready for you until it has passed my rigorous testing and high standards.  

Fresh goat’s milk, coconut milk and buttermilk are favorites of mine, and for good reason. Milk has long been known for its moisturizing properties and is an ancient beauty treatment. Cleopatra was known for her beautiful skin resulting from her famous milk baths. Milk also has an alpha hydroxy acid which is well known for softening skin and leaving it rejuvenated for a younger appearance. Milk soaps have a pH level similar to our skin, which helps protect the skin from invading bacteria and chemicals we come in contact with every day. People who suffer from skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin are frequent users of milk soaps.

I use both fragrance and essential oils, but either or both can be withheld upon request. Whether fragrance or essential oils, I believe the fragrances should be nothing short of rich and intoxicating. My soap fragrances are subtle and not overpowering. Additionally, if you want to make sure your soap is limited to essential oils, let me know! I generally use light coloring, with either natural or cosmetic-grade colorants, but coloring can be withheld upon request. Customization is also available for exfoliating agents and other soap additives.

Many of my soaps have been formulated with Tussah Silk for extra luxury. Tussah Silk is a protein produced by the silkworm. This Tussah Silk is cruelty free in that the cocoons are not disturbed until the silkworms are gone. The addition of silk to soap produces a shinier appearance, slightly increased lather, and a wonderful silky feel to it.

Clays are wonderful additions to soap. One of the clays I offer is Rhassoul Clay, an exquisite mineral-rich clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has been used for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner, and was highly prized by the nobility of ancient Egypt and Rome. Rhassoul Clay is used by upscale spas around the world as a skin conditioner. It removes dead skin, surface oil, and oil from inside and around clogged pores, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness and texture, and reduces dryness and flakiness. Rhassoul Clay leaves your skin unbelievably clean, smooth, moisturized, clear, and feeling fresh.

I also offer French Pink Clay as a soap additive. It has been used for centuries to clean and heal the skin and is used in spas around the world. It is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal, sensitive, and mature skin types. It gently cleans and detoxifies the skin, removes dead skin cells, helps remove blackheads and deep cleans pores, and creates an overall refreshed appearance. It can also be used to treat acne and other skin ailments, poor blood and/or lymph circulation, and sun damaged skin. This is a mild clay that can be used every day without drying the skin.

I also make a “Detox” Soap that contains Activated Charcoal. Activated Charcoal has been treated with oxygen, which gives it the ability to act like a magnet for toxins and impurities. It will deep clean without overdrying, calm acne and redness, and give skin a healthy glow.

Finally, in my opinion, no bar of soap is complete without elevated visual interest and an artisanal flair.

You have a lot of soap choices. Read the labels. Make informed decisions. If you think handmade soap is right for you, give my soap a try. You could spend a lot more money on handmade soap, but why should you? Spending more will not buy you a better bar of soap than Susan’s Sumptuous Soaps.

Thank you for your interest in Susan's Sumptuous Soaps!